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Excellent Chinese Dragon Tattoos

The Chinese Dragon tattoo is very potent in its appeal. When the subject of the Chinese dragon comes up, there is no argument that these creatures have a distinctly "masculine" quality. In addition, these dragons are associated with the number "9." This is because the value of "9" is the biggest possible, single digit number. The Chinese dragon adeptly symbolizes powerful and auspicious energy. In particular, they are in control of the element of water. For instance, dragons are said to manipulate rain, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters. The dragon itself is an old symbol of good luck, strength, and power. When the Chinese dragon is placed on the human body in the form of a tattoo, the meaning represents intelligence, strength, good luck, health, harmony, and good will. One of the noted qualities of Chinese dragon tattoos is the flaming pearl under the chin of the creature. Chinese dragons have snake-like bodies with scales all over them. Naturally, these dragons have supernatural power too.

There are four primary Chinese dragon tattoos in symbolic form which are widely available. The first one is the "Horned Dragon" tattoo. The person who wears this form on their body chooses to be mighty in words and deeds. Another symbol is that of the "Earth Dragon." This dragon is the ruler of the Earth. It represents a connection with the earth and land for the person who wears it. The "Yellow Dragon" is the hornless dragon which is a representation of scholarly knowledge. The person who wears this symbol wants to be associated with the power of his or her intellect. Lastly, there is "Celestial Dragon." This dragon is the Protector of the Gods. People who desire to confirm their spiritual path, or who have strong spiritual convictions, tend to prefer this symbol. The Chinese dragon tattoo is becoming more popular because many people are wearing them.

The Chinese dragon has a very authoritative appeal. According to legend, the earliest emperors of China were closely related to a dragon. At the end of his reign, the first emperor of legend, Huangdi, was thought to have been immortalized into a dragon which resembled his imperial emblem. Later he ascended into Heaven. Another legendary emperor, Yandi, was born by his mother's telepathy with the aid of a dragon. Since the Chinese consider Huangdi and Yandi to be their ancestors, they often refer to themselves as "the descendants of the dragon." These legends started to influence the usage of the dragon with the official symbol of Imperial power. In some legends an emperor might be born with a birthmark in the shape of a dragon. One legend tells the tale of a peasant born with a dragon birthmark. This peasant eventually overthrows the existing dynasty in order to establish a new one. Another legend tells of a prince who is in hiding from his enemies. He is eventually identified by his dragon birthmark.

Of course, actual belief in the dragon of folklore is quite sporadic. The worship of the Chinese dragon may be ingrained in the culture of China. However, very few people consider dragons to be real creatures. Cultural traditions like Chinese New Year celebrations often feature the dragon in a parade. For most people, dragons are just representations of qualities people aspire to have. Regardless of the legends, Chinese dragons make excellent tattoos for all these reasons. They are personal representations placed on the human body. They represent qualities like power, strength, intellectual ability, good fortune, and authority which are universal in their appeal. The Chinese Dragon is a big part of being truly "Chinese!"

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Advice On Picking Your Next Tattoo

For a lot of people they think about getting their next tattoo days after they got their last one. This is normal and the reason I wanted to bring this up is because you need to think about your tattoos before you get one. What some people do is they will walk into a tattoo shop and simply pick something out that they like. Since a tattoo is permanent you will need to think about what you are going to get and make sure that you love it unconditionally.

Advice On Picking Your Next Tattoo

Take Your Time - It is important to spend a little bit of time to think about your next tattoo. The reason why you need to take your time is because when people rush a decision it will normally come out wrong. Do yourself a favor and if you are thinking about getting a tattoo make sure that you spend at least 1 week contemplating the final design. I know this might seem like a long time but it really isn't.

Get Something Small - I have tattoos so I know that sometimes you want to get something big that makes a statement but sometimes that is not the best way to go. If you are going to get something big then go ahead and plan for it, but get small tattoos that make up a big piece. The reason I recommend getting something small and then expanding on it is because you won't be able to tell when enough is enough until you actually see it on your body.

Customize It - The final tip is to just customize your tattoo. If you are looking at something on the internet then I would print off the picture and see about adding little things to it to make it your own. It is important to make a tattoo all about you as you can because in the end it will be permanently inked on your body.

The last thing that you need to understand is that every tattoo is different so don't worry if yours is a little different from what you were originally thinking. If you are going to get some advice from a tattoo artist then that is a good idea just make sure that you don't change your entire plan just because somebody told you to, remember this is your tattoo. Whether you are getting shoulder blade tattoos or something on your forearm, you need to get something that YOU love because that is all that matters.

Of there is one tattoo that I would get it would be shoulder blade tattoos.

Great Tattoo Ideas for Women, Men

Great Tattoo ideas for Women - Sexy, Stylish and Weird Fashion

Women like wearing jewels and ornaments to style themselves. They are more inclined to decorating their body than men are. Hence, you see most of the women with tattoos even though it's a small butterfly on the neck. There are many great tattoo ideas for women to make them stand apart.

Speaking of ornaments, you can always have it tattooed now. You can have a bracelet tattooed on your wrist or a necklace along your neck. You can also get leg or ankle bracelet designed. This is the best practical application of tattoo ideas for women

Next, if you want, you can have tribal tattoo on your lower back or in side of your waist. You may want honey bees or butterflies as tattoos on your stomach, arms or near the neck. If you want show that you are a rebel, may be its time to get a little evil with dark tattoos like the skull, dragons and weapons.

Some weird but fun tattoo ideas for women can be get bones tattooed on your arms. This idea looks good on thin and bonny girls and teens. Next, you can have great one liners like "stop drooling, I know I am hot" on your back or lyrics of any famous song from a rock band. Another fun tattoo can be a spider web tattooed on your back with the one liner "Speedy was here" or "Speedy says it's not safe roaming bare back"

There can be many other ideas which can give guys, amazing signals. Not long ago, I just happen to see a lady with a tattoo on the back side near the neck with the one-liner "stop starring my back, I'm engaged". Hopefully, that wasn't a permanent tattoo or else, she would have a hard time getting engaged unless she has tattooed the truth. click here to browse for your best tattoos

Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men - Defining Manly Nature

True to their manhood, the men want tattoos which are masculine and enhance manliness in them. You will never see a butterfly tattoo on a man's body unless something is wrong with him. Men generally get their girlfriend's or wife's name or initial tattooed to their arm or on back. Well, that is a good option and many men will do that any day but there are a lot of creative tattoo ideas for men.

If you are a Hulk in size and often wear sleeveless, you can get a dragon or a skull tattooed on your arm. If you think that is too much popular to be unique, go with a mechanical arm tattoo on one or both your arms. Those who prefer to be bare-chested can go with a Celtic or tribal tattoo over their arm. You can also have a tiger's face drawn on your back or a Leo sign on your arms.

If you go to think of tattoo ideas for men, there are several options available, but have you tried tattooing your name in Japanese inscription? Well, that is a hot selling idea, where people engrave Japanese signs to give, them, a creative look. Moreover, no one can identify what is tattooed unless they know to read the signs or else, a common man, will see the designs, compliment you and then ask what the signs meant. And what's more, if a girlfriend is too demanding and is forcing you to tattoo her name, using this sign language is safe.

This turns out to be one of the great tattoo ideas for men since almost nobody around you can read it and that helps in case of break up. There is no need to go through the pain of removing it as the design is attractive.

3 Ways to Lose Money on Your Next Tattoo Designer

If the real world is full of rabid opportunists, so is the World Wide Web. You might be surprised at the fact that it has twice as much opportunistic pest than the walking and talking variety that we usually see and encounter every day. As a tattoo fanatic, it is very frequent for you to experience that ecstatic feeling every time you have a custom tattoo design in mind. That ecstatic feeling is usually coupled by a sense of urgency: you feel like the world will not move until you get that idea inked in your skin. Unfortunately that same "right here right now" attitude is going to cost you a lot monetary-wise. Let me give you a low down on the three ways to lose money on your next tattoo designer.

1) Being overly impulsive - Ok, so now you have a custom tattoo design in mind: what's next? If your next step is to put that idea in your skin this very instant, I say you're not only in for a load of monetary wasting scene, you're also in for tons of regrets. I know; you're excited to have that random thought reek its way through your skin: but before you actually get inked on, let me tell you that there are a lot of designers out there. The first one that you meet in your search will not be your last option. You will eventually see someone worthy as you move along your search. Creating your own tattoo design contests via tattoo design sites will give you an opportunity to see hundreds of designers interpret your idea. The contest that you have created will attract hundreds of contestants if you will offer a prize to the artist whose interpretation you will fancy the most. The next time you feel the urge to get inked on after an idea pops up in your head; I suggest you pause for a while, take a deep breath, and log on to your favorite site.

2) Taking friends' referrals very seriously - You got friends because you share common interests with them. It wouldn't hurt to be appreciative every time they recommend tattoo designers, but just to be on the safe side, you have to exercise caution in actually getting the services of their referrals. That new tattoo you just saw on your best buddy looks good on him - right? But just because the artist did an amazing job on him, it doesn't mean that same artist is going to do the same exceptional work on you. The method that artist applied on your friend might or might not work on your case. If you tend to generalize all the time, then I suggest you exempt your tattoo predilections from it.

3) Being inked by someone you just saw online - The good thing about creating these contests is that you get to see hundreds of takes on custom tattoo design. You are not just asking some online fellow to do his take on your idea. We are talking about tattoo professionals here who use custom tattoo design sites to show their skills in skin art.

Kristen Sauerzopf is a tattoo enthusiast and professional tattoo designer who has created thousands of thought provoking, elegant, and funky tattoos for her clients. She has a vast collection of custom designs to her credit. Winner of several awards and accolades, Kristen is now a founding member of the world's largest custom tattoo design community at CreateMyTattoo. View her tattoo collection or read more on her blog here.

How To Take Off Tattoos - Is Tattoo Removal Cream The New Wonder Cream?

Even if you regret your ink, the decision to take off tattoos is one that needs to be made carefully and the method of removal that you choose has to be chosen even more carefully. For example something that is becoming a big talking point in the tattoo removal department is the use of tattoo removal cream. Could this be the new and improved non-invasive way to get rid of all your unwanted ink?

How A Tattoo Is Formed

To begin with you need to know the basis of a tattoo. You need to know that it is not just ink in your skin but instead that it is ink that has formed pigments under layers of skin and the size of these pigments disallow the body's immune system to get rid of the ink.

How The Cream Works

Most creams recommend that you use them every day as you get out the bath (some even recommend before you go to bed too). All you have to do is rub the cream into your skin over a course of about 2 months (this is just for small tattoos, you can be looking at over a year for larger ones).

In this period what happens is the cream breaks down the pigments under the skin slowly and this allows the immune system to get rid of the unwanted ink, by doing this over a period of time you are able to remove completely any ink that you have been dreading without getting any scarring that comes from lasers or chemical peels.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the worst part of the removal cream or the catch as some of you would call it. The average cost for the cream on various sites is about $120/£80 for 2 months worth of cream. The fact that you'll probably need more than this could lead up to be being expensive especially if you have a larger tattoo that is going to need months of cream application.

Does It Really Work?

It may sound too good to be true and that is because it might just be. This method to take off tattoos doesn't have any scientific cases published that say that it actually works, you'll be going on the word of someone of the internet who claims it works when there is also going to be someone who claims that it's just a scam.

You need to realise that everyone is different and that you'll have different results with tattoo removal cream to someone else but this doesn't mean that you should do a background check on Google onto which company has the best feed back before you go on to make your purchase.

Tattoo removal cream is a debatable method on how to take off tattoos at the moment but it is your choice whether to use it or not. However if you're unsure about this method there are other alternatives that you could use.

How To Remove Tattoos At Home - Do It Yourself and Save A LOAD Of Money!

Many people wonder how to remove tattoos at home so that they can avoid going into surgery to get the unwanted ink surgically removed. Laser surgery and dermabrasion are two surgeries which will leave anyone with permanent scarring from removing their tattoo, not only that but it is very expensive and even more painful than getting the tattoo put on. Thankfully there have been methods that have arisen on how you can remove your tattoo from the safety of your own home.

Chemical Methods

These methods are the most popular to use since they are less expensive than going in for surgery but they are still expensive to buy the materials for and even worse since they are chemicals you may suffer from reactions and maybe even scarring!

This method is the method of rubbing a chemical onto your tattooed area. This then burns slowly (a controlled burn) and the skin starts to scab and peel (along with the ink). When the healing process starts again the tattoo will start to fade and after a few sessions you will have removed the tattoo.

This method is becoming more widely accepted now but it can take weeks to months to go through depending on the size of your tattoo.

A product that is debated about is the tattoo removal cream. People have claimed that the method works whilst there are also those that say it's just a waste of money and at about $100+ for one bottle that will last you 2 months (this process takes a few months to go through) this could be a problem.

The thing I would suggest is doing some thorough research into these creams (they are easy enough to apply) to see which ones work and which ones don't. It is going to be tough because not all the creams will have the same effect for everyone PLUS as it is a chemical cream you will have to make sure that you have no reactions to it so consulting your doctor prior to treatment will be a good choice.

Natural Methods

Yes there are natural methods that you can use to get rid of your unwanted ink! These methods will prevent you from side-effects such as pain, scarring, abrasions and everything else that comes from the painful surgeries and chemical methods that you can use on how to remove tattoos at home.

I would highly suggest the first thing you look into is how to remove tattoos at home naturally as these methods aren't painful, expensive, won't leave you with scarring and are simple to use too! What more could you want to get rid of unwanted ink?

Awesome Tattoo Designs for Girls

So you are a young lady and you want a new tattoo. You have no idea what you want, but you really want some new ink. Fret no longer. I am going to give you a few cute tattoo designs for girls that may end being your next ink job. Sit back, relax and let me help you make a good a decision.

Tattoos do not always have to be pictures. Most of the time they are, but lately words and script have become incredibly popular. A good suggestion would be someones name. And I do not mean your boyfriend who you have been dating for two weeks. That would be bad. What I mean is perhaps a friend or loved one who has passed away. This could be a great way to remember and honor them. It is literally a living tribute to that person. Do not rule out pets that have passed on either. Pets are often considered members of the family and always hold a special place in peoples hearts. So if getting a name tattooed was a direction you were leaning, it is a good idea and I hope this was the push you needed.

Another cute tattoo design for girls is getting a portrait. Again it can go along with the idea of losing someone you loved and wanting to remember them. I would again stress that you do not get your boyfriends face tattooed anywhere on your body, as that would most likely be another bad idea. But the person does not have to be dead in order for you to get them tattooed either. A lot of people get the image of their children tattooed on their bodies. It can be a nice way to always carry your children with you wherever you go.

Lastly, a really cool idea, that I have seen a few times is hatch mark tattoos to commemorate years of accomplishing something. More often than not they represent years of sobriety or years of quitting something. Though the background of these tattoos can be kind of sad, they can serve two cool purposes. They can serve as reminders of accomplishments, reminding you how far you have come in your life. And they can also serve as warnings or reminders in times of weakness. Either way, the therapeutic value alone makes this a great idea for a new tattoo.

Those are just a few ideas. I hoped they helped in your decision-making. Also remember that is a good idea to visit websites and do research to make sure you know exactly what you want and where is the best place to get a tattoo in your area.

Lillian E. is the founder of Tattoo Designs for Girls and hopes that her experience will guide all you ladies out there find the perfect tattoo designs for girls!

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